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Ep: 6

Episode 6 - The Future of Neurodevelopmental Therapeutics with Fiona Nielsen

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Episode 5 – Biomarkers, AI and Health with Hamish Grierson

Imagine knowing what is going on in our body. With at-home biomarker testing, you can now monitor your health with ease.

Join us in our latest episode as Hamish Grierson, the co-founder & CEO of Thriva, reveals how the future of healthcare involves seamlessly integrating and synthesizing various data sources over the long term, with the aid of AI.

Episode 4 – Sustainable Innovation with Aditi Maheshwari from Accenture Labs

Chocolate, not just for Valentine’s Day gifts, but as a groundbreaking material for transient electronics that dissolve or disappear (into your tummy) after use. Self-sowing seeds with the ability to drill into the soil, a powerful solution for reforestation in remote or wildfire-damaged areas. Accenture Labs is building some seriously cool stuff, bringing our future closer to sci-fi in a sustainable way. In Episode 4, we had the privilege of chatting with @Aditi Maheshwari, R&D Principal at Accenture Labs. Discover how this consulting giant’s in-house R&D is driving intelligence sustainably.

Episode 3 – The Basics of LLMs: A Deeper Dive with Divy Thakkar

Ever wondered about the potential of Large Language Models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bard? Dive into ‘Rising Tide’ as Matt and Farid discuss the vast world of LLMs with special guest Divy Thakkar, an early member of Google Research from India. Discover the impact of this technology on our future and gain insights from Divy’s unique perspective. (Note: Views expressed are Divy’s own and do not represent Google or his University.)

Episode 2 – Carbon removals with Gabrielle Walker

In our latest episode, “Carbon Removals”, join the forefront conversation on climate responsiveness with Farid Haque and Dr Gabrielle Walker leading the conversation talking all things carbon removal and offsets. Navigate the complexities of a changing climate as we delve into groundbreaking strategies and technologies poised to reshape our planet’s future. Tune in to foster a carbon-smart world, fostering dialogues that matter, for a greener, brighter tomorrow.

Episode 1 – Techbio: Future of Biology and AI with Ravi Solanki

“Techbio: Future of Biology and AI” offers listeners a front-row seat to the revolutionary convergence of biology and artificial intelligence in reshaping healthcare. Dive in with Matthew Holding & Dr Ravi Solanki as they explore cutting-edge developments and forge new pathways in medical science. Tune in to bridge the gap between the organic and the digital, unraveling a new era of healthcare possibilities.

Episode 0 – Meet the Team

Hear from the people behind the podcast and why they started the 5 min series that gets you “dinner” smart and future ready.